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helping veterans two wheels at a time

Wheels 4 Warriors USA is helping Veterans two wheels at a time. We partner with Veteran organizations across the United States to establish mentorship programs that provide Veterans with camaraderie, support, and the sense of service that was lost after leaving the military.

More than just a motorcycle

Wheels 4 Warriors USA is one of a kind. We are the only program in the country which integrates Veterans back into a group of their peers, establishes a mentor, AND gives them a motorcycle to help them get some “wind therapy”


By partnering with Veteran organizations, we ensure that our recipients will have a support group which is equipped to deal with the issues specific to Veterans. No one gets left behind!


Unless the needs of a particular Veteran dictate otherwise, all of our recipients receive a motorcycle with a displacement larger than 750cc. If the urge hits to ride coast to coast, they are ready


Program recipients are nominated by Veteran Organizations who choose an appropriate sponsor from within their ranks. After approval, Wheels 4 Warriors USA will coordinate with the organization to finance and produce the presentation.


Each Veteran will be equipped with all the protective gear they should need to start riding immediately. First time rider? We supply riding lessons too!


Nobody wants another bill! The first year is taken care of…taxes, registration, insurance, service program, and even $300 in fuel. We want our Veterans to concentrate on living their best life


Your generosity enables our Missions to be successful. All of our board members are non compensated and every dime donated goes directly to helping Veterans. Wheels 4 Warriors USA is a registered 501(C)(3) and all donations are tax deductible. EIN: 81-4976205

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We are a Guidestar Registered Non Profit

Wheels 4 Warriors USA
Wheels 4 Warriors USA3 days ago
Last Saturday we had the honor of presenting to Sgt Tara Hutchinson, US Army, an awesome custom Frankenstein trike! It’s safe to say she was very happy with her new ride!

We built this trike in-house in association with The REAL Combat Hero Bike Build, Wheels 4 Warriors USA, and CVMA 23-7 'Capital of Texas' Chapter

The donor trike was donated to Wheels 4 Warriors USA by Johanna Myers, a US Army veteran.

Paint was done by Tina Sevart of Trol’s Custom Paint. Wheelchair mount by Frankenstein Trikes.

Tara joined the Army in 2000 and, while deployed in Iraq in 2006, she was injured by a Syrian-made EFP on Valentine’s Day. The blast instantly severed her right leg above her thigh and caused her heart to stop for almost 18 minutes. She also suffered a 3rd degree burn on her left leg and brain injury from prolonged periods without a heartbeat.

But thanks to these fantastic organizations and the generous donors who support them, Tara is able to ride free!

To learn more or to donate to the Combat Hero Bike Build and Wheels 4 Warriors USA, click the links below!

Wheels 4 Warriors USA
Wheels 4 Warriors USA1 week ago
Our updated website is LIVE!! https://w4wusa.org/
Wheels 4 Warriors USA
Wheels 4 Warriors USA1 week ago
Presentation #22
Wheels 4 Warriors USA
Wheels 4 Warriors USA
Wheels 4 Warriors USA2 weeks ago
Program #20 with Shawn Madden is underway and is the 1st of many to come in 2021.
Wheels 4 Warriors USA
Wheels 4 Warriors USA2 weeks ago
Bike #20 today!
Wheels 4 Warriors USA
Wheels 4 Warriors USA
Wheels 4 Warriors USA updated their profile picture.2 weeks ago