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About Us

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In 2015, a band of motorcycling enthusiasts, who also happened to be veterans, dreamed of sharing their passion with a fellow veteran. They envisioned doing this by customizing a motorcycle and gifting it to them. To bring this dream to life, they approached their friend and fellow motorcyclist, Craig Toupin.

With just a few phone calls made by Craig, a generous individual stepped forward to donate a motorcycle for the cause. In 2016, this refurbished motorcycle found its new home with a deserving veteran. The profound impact of this gesture on the recipient was palpable, inspiring the group to plan another such presentation for the subsequent year.

What started as a simple idea among friends has blossomed into the first-ever nonprofit in the United States focusing on both motorcycles and veterans. Wheels 4 Warriors USA is not just about providing a completely free motorcycle; it's about fostering camaraderie, offering support, and instilling a sense of service in each of our veteran recipients.

As a 100% 501(c)3 veteran nonprofit, we are currently rolling out mentorship programs across the country, changing the lives of veterans "two wheels at a time."

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